How We Started

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For 30 years, Triton Sprinkler Company, a family-owned and run corporation, has built a solid reputation for quality work, on-time completion and superior service. Prior to forming Triton in 1990, Carl Skidmore, unlike many absentee owners with no fire protection background, was a sprinkler fitter with several companies where he learned all aspects of the sprinkler industry. He worked as an apprentice, eventually becoming certified as a fitter with Georgia Sprinkler, Merit Sprinkler, and Northside Automatic Sprinkler. Regardless of the job, Carl maintained a fascination with the trade, the installation process, and recognized the need for greater efficiency, and more professionalism within the fire protection market. With an eye for detail and a mandate for perfection and safety, he expects no less from his employees today than he did from himself.

We’ve never been too big to lose our commitment to our employees and our customers. We want our employees to feel like members of the family: special, appreciated and respected. We value their time, their skills and their input.

For 30 years, Triton Sprinkler has benefited from personal relationships with long-time vendors, employees and general contractors. We believe all these factors contributed to the company's longevity during the boom years and the recession when construction came to a halt. We are fortunate to have dedicated employees who have been with us almost since the beginning and they too exhibit the expertise derived from years of experience and solid customer interactions.

Triton Sprinkler is your single source provider to meet your fire protection requirements. From basic design, installation and service, we have NICET-certified engineers and experienced field teams to meet your project needs